Backup Restore & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning and Consultation

Disaster recovery planning starts with understanding your business needs, risk tolerances and regulatory profile. Frontline helps you manage and balance these factors to create an executable strategy to mitigate and minimize risks to your business operations.

Hosted Exchange & Hosted File Servers

Email access and retrieval is an essential component for any disaster recovery strategy. Frontline’s Hosted Exchange service establishes secure, permanent records of all messages that pass through the Exchange Server and stores them in a separate location. By utilizing our Hosted Exchange and Hosted File Servers, you can access your email and files from any location deemed as a workable site during a disaster recovery period.

Alternate Data Centers

Alternate Data Centres provide the most flexible solution for maintaining business operations throughout a disaster recovery period. Within 24 to 48 hours of a disaster, our Mobile Data Centres can be operational in any location throughout North America.

Frontline Mobile Data Centres are spacious trailers with seating and workstations for up to 40 users. It features all the capabilities of a regular office, including computers and telephones with high-speed satellite Internet connections. Each Mobile Data Centre provides users with access to their existing email and data, telephone systems, and critical software applications so you can continue working seamlessly.

For disasters on a smaller scale, Frontline offers you an alternate work-site within its own facilities.

Network Services

Telecommunication Line and Bandwidth Details

Frontline provides telecommunication lines of any bandwidth level and oversee the installation and connectivity of these lines.

We offer:

1) Managed layer 2 connectivity, DSL, T1, DS3, OC3, OC12 as well as other types of lines suitable for high traffic data networks.

2) Load-balancing and redundant “fail-over” lines to further mitigate the risk of downtime and respond to a disaster recovery situation.


Take an aggressive and comprehensive approach to protecting your data and technology assets.
Whether its spam, spyware, viruses, worms or malicious adware, security threats can spread from all levels of the IT infrastructure. Without adequate security measures, firms are at risk for data and performance loss, exposure of sensitive materials and reductions in quality of service that can prove costly. Frontline works to safeguard your business from ever-expanding security challenges.

Security Products

Frontline will analyze your needs and your network and implement a solution right for your business and budget.


Frontline security experts will oversee the complete installation and maintenance of your network firewall. In addition to the upgrading of existing firewalls, we develop and install a range of new firewall systems, using custom built components.


Unified Communications

  • Presence
    • See the status of colleagues at all times and eliminate unnecessary, annoying call transfers.
    • If you have satellite offices, you can view colleagues’ presence at your various locations in real time.
    • Full text messaging functionality included. Enable employees to communicate and collaborate via text chat, without relying on third party Internet messaging systems.
  • Voicemail to Email
    • Forward a voicemail to your email address as an attachment to eliminate having to dial into the office to listen to your messages. Option to delete messages from the voicemail box once emailed.
  •  Call Recording
    • On demand or globally activated, these recordings can then be reviewed using our desktop integrated software. They can also be added to our compliance system for compliance backup.
  •  Dual Ringing
    • Flexibility to have your office extension ring at the same time as your mobile phone. Call can be answered at either location, no need to enable or disable forwarding.
  •  3rd Party Application Integration
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook included, allowing your Outlook contact list to basically become your speed dial list. Dial directly from Outlook.
    • Integration with other 3rd party CRM also available.
  • Mobile Soft Phone – Bring Your Office Line Anywhere
    • A mobile soft phone gives total freedom to the user, by enhancing mobility and allowing staff to work remotely.
    • The hosted PBX includes a web- based user portal that gives extension users complete mobility and independence.
    • Users can configure extension preferences using a web browser without help from IT staff.
    • Call forwarding rules can be created based on time received, caller ID and type of call. For example, calls outside working hours can be routed to voice mail or a mobile phone. Crucial calls are never missed and there is no need to give out personal mobile numbers when out of the office.
    • The mobile soft phone for Windows, iPhone, Android and traditional hardware phones can be used at the same time. For example, the hardware phone can be used when at the office, but when at home or on the road it is very easy to switch to the soft phone and remain connected to the company’s phone system.
    • Compatible with virtually any SIP based soft phone running on Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone or Android device.
  • Auto Attendant/Digital Receptionist
    • A voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred or routed to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist.
    • For a caller to find a user on the phone system, a dial-by-name directory is usually available. This feature lists users by name, allowing a caller to press a key to automatically ring the extension of a user.
  • Dedicated and Redundant PBX
    • Each client has their own dedicated Hosted IP based PBX. This completely replaces the need for a proprietary PBX and supports standard SIP based soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines.
    • In a DRP situation we have a redundant off site backup that will ensure that your phone system will have virtually no downtime and business continuity is assured.

Call Recording 

Call Recording is the perfect complement to our VoIP telephone system, allowing users to keep detailed records of their phone activity. Compliance Call Recording offers your business the ability to review past calls for specific details and is a great form of data loss prevention.

How it Works

Your business will be able to select specific lines on which phone calls will be recorded and archived. Recorded phone calls will be logged with date, time and duration and can be recalled at any time. Recorded calls can be used to retrieve specific details from conversations, track progress, review performance and much more.


  •  Integration with Frontline’s current compliance archiving system
  • Clients who are using Frontline’s VoIP platform now have the ability to record calls as per
  • compliance regulations
  • Clients have the ability to select which lines are recorded
  • Compliance officers can login to the Frontline compliance system and search for call logs for
  • specific dates
  • Perform random searches
  • Add notes
  • Listen to and download calls
  • View duration and additional call details
  • Audit trail

Private Cloud

Why choose Frontline Cloud Computing

  1. Privacy – an “internal cloud” or “corporate cloud,” resides within the company environment (firewall) and its access is restricted.
  2. Reduced Costs – Cloud computing reduces hardware, networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with cloud computing, you only pay for what is used. Costs of real estate or electricity used by the on-site server rooms are virtually eliminated.
  3. Scalability – Scale operational needs seamlessly rather than purchasing expensive programs or hardware.
  4. Automatic Updates – Cloud Computing eliminates the need to worry about paying for future software and hardware updates.
  5. Remote Access – Employees, partners and clients can access and update information from virtually any location and at any time, which provides an opportunity for increased productivity.
  6. Disaster Relief – With your company’s data safely stored in secure data centres instead of Customer server rooms, losing power due to hurricanes, earthquakes or other unforeseen events will not be a problem.
  7. Ease of Implementation – Our team of professionals will assess, design, and implement solutions that meet your unique business requirements. As a comprehensive technology provider, Frontline offers you one point of contact: one service provider and one point of payment.
  8. Equal Playing Field – Whether your business is small or mid-size Frontline Cloud Computing enables you to compete more effectively with larger businesses that have a dedicated internal IT department and seemingly unlimited IT budgets. By leveraging our infrastructure, you’ll benefit from the same tools, technology and services enjoyed by larger firms but at a fraction of the cost.

Unlimited Mailbox

Our centrally managed Exchange servers feature real-time data replication and redundant internet connections, which ensure that you’ll always have access to emails. If your business is subject to regulation from the IIROC or other regulatory bodies, Exchange hosting with Frontline is the ideal way to safeguard the integrity of your records and meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Benefits of Hosting Exchange Services with Frontline

  • Frontline’s Hosted Exchange allows your organization to receive all the benefits of enterprise-level email and collaboration at a low cost, without any new hardware or software to manage
  • Ability to access your email from any location around the world that provides connectivity
  • Ability to manage your own account on Frontline’s web portal
  • Access to full IT support
  • Frontline’s Hosted Exchange offers greater reliability, wireless functionality and rapid scalability.
  • Blackberry Hosting

Frontline provides hosting for Blackberry Enterprise Servers at its data center, helping you defray the high cost associated with managing a Blackberry wireless platform. Outsourcing Blackberry hosting with Frontline means that you can minimize costs, enjoy the flexibility of accessing Blackberry hosted email from any location, and satisfy the regulatory compliance requirements related to electronic record-keeping by archiving SMS and Pin-to-Pin messages.

Unlimited Mailboxes

Frontline provides unlimited mailboxes to Hosted Exchange users regardless of the number of users. This means you no longer need to delete messages or files from the server in order to make room in your inbox and enables you to keep important data accessible.

Additional Features that Complement The Unlimited Mailbox Size

  • Scheduled Archiving
  • PST Gatherer/Importer
  • Direct Archiving – means that journaling is not required
  • Self-Service – users can retrieve deleted emails
  • Integrated Hierarchical Storage Management
  • Single Instance Storage
  • Public Folder Archiving
  • OST Offline Folder Service
  • OWA and Outlook Support
  • MAC Entourage and Blackberry Support
  • Advanced Full Text Search
  • Email Quota Management (as required)
  • Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery Options
  • Access to Archive in the event of an Exchange downtime


Email Archiving

With compliance email archiving, a real-time backup is created of all incoming and outgoing email in our collocated server environment. Frontline also offers clients the option to retain email records for an indefinite period of time, giving you control over the longevity of archived emails. Even if an email is deleted from a user’s Microsoft Outlook, the user can easily retrieve it from the archive through Frontline’s web portal.


  • Meet litigation, regulatory, and/or business record retention requirements by enabling compliance and legal officers to easily search email stored in the archive.
  • Access previous correspondence in the event a firm must go into a disaster recovery situation.
    Ensure all email correspondence is encrypted into the archiving system in a manner that prevents any deletions or alterations at any level including technical interference.
  • Document each time an Administrator accesses an archived email on the Frontline data base – accessed emails are “tagged” with the date, time and the identification of the individual that accessed it.
  • Archive Pin-to-Pin and SMS messages on Blackberry while utilizing Frontline Technologies Hosted Exchange.