Updated as of October 3, 2016

In addition to the fees set out in your service details or on frontline.ca, you may be subject to some of the following account or service fees or charges. All fees and charges are subject to change and applicable taxes, and are per occurrence unless otherwise specified by Frontline. Additional fees not set out below may apply depending on the Service ordered and your service address. You will be notified of any such additional fees prior to being charged. Fees may be lower or waived in certain cases or where required by law.


Name of charge Amount Description
Installation Fee $90.00 Charged when a technician installs Frontline
Missed Appointment Fee $50.00 Charged when a customer is not home at time of installation/cancels an installation appointment on less than 24 hours notice
Abandoned Porting Fee $25.00 Charged if customer cancels home phone service prior to activation but once porting process has started
Late Payment Charge 3% per month/42.585% per year If payment is not received by Frontline on the payment due date, you will be charged interest from the date of your bill on the balance owing calculated and compounded monthly from bill date
Non-Return of Equipment Fee – Modem $105.00/modem Charged if you do not return your modem when required (rentals only)
Non-Return of Equipment Fee – Set-top box $85.00/set-top box Charged if you do not return your set-top box when required (rentals only)
Modem $105.00 Charged for each modem you require
Set-top box $85.00 Charged for each set-top box you require
Additional Remote control $15.00 Charged for each additional remote control you require
Rental Fee – Modem $6.00/month Monthly charge for each modem you rent from Frontline
Rental Fee – Set-top box $6.00/month Monthly charge for each set-top box you rent from Frontline
Disconnection Fee $75.00 Charged when any of your services are suspended or terminated for non-payment
Restoral Fee/Account Processing Fee $75.00 Charged when any of your services are restored after being suspended or terminated for non-payment.
Paper Bill Reprint Charge $15.00 Charged when you request a paper bill reprint.
Returned Payment/Cheque Charge $25.00 Charged when a pre-authorized credit card payment cannot be processed which could be due to an insufficient credit limit, a closed account, incorrect or outdated account information, or an improperly requested chargeback
Date Change charge for the Phone Number Portability requests $50.00 Clients may change the date of porting 48 hours (2 business days) in advance free of charge only once. $50 Date Change fee will be applied for second Date Change or short notices.
Phone Number Portability request cancellation charge $50.00 Clients may cancel their porting requests 48 hours (2 business days) in advance free of charge. $50 cancellation fee will be applied for short notices.